My First Blog

Hello my fellow TEAM WORKZ friends, this is my FIRST ATTEMPT at writing a “BLOG” so bear with me on this. I am sure someone will ‘correct me’ and help me make the next one better. If you have experience with these, feel free to volunteer to help me out.

TIME: The most precious thing any of us have. Thee most often misused and abused OR allow others to do it, is OUR TIME! I consider when you give me your time and share it with me, that is valuable, and we should make the most of it. I cherish when I get to share my time or others time.

Now let’s make the most of this TIME NOW!

I wanted to use this FIRST BLOG to update you on what I have been working on and the direction or TEAM WORKZ.

TEAM WORKZ Homeless Organization started officially, on February 20, 2019, with our naming. TEAM (Together Everyone Accomplishes More) and WORKZ (with a “Z” because we stay with you until the end). We became a 501c3 in May 2019 and we are a non-profit organization.

Since that time TEAM WORKZ has hosted the 2019 Homeless Resource Fair on Veterans Day weekend with approximately 250 attendees. This was even with the Veterans Day event going on downtown Southern Pines which draws thousands. We are proud to say we showcased 22 Partner Organizations at that first event. It was the start of something BIG for our growth and building Partnerships with like minded organizations.

December 25, 2019, we hosted our FIRST Christmas Meal/Event at Bethesda Presbyterian Church in Aberdeen. It was a four-hour event ending at 2 PM and we fed approximately 225 meals, some were delivered to those in need that couldn’t get there or were homebound for various reasons. TEAM WORKZ gave out truck loads of winter clothing and we had so much food donated we were able to provide our Partner Place of Grace Shelter in Rockingham with 2 vehicles loaded with food for their homeless to have for meals.

We have since followed that each Christmas with special events to serve those in need. In 2020, due to Covid 19; we were not able to feed anyone, so we partnered with Project Santa on Christmas day as he gave away approximately 700 bikes; we gave our over 500 gifts to kids and some parents.

In 2021, on Christmas day, we hosted our Christmas meal / event at the Community Center in Pinebluff (od Fire Department). It was a quickly put together event with many great volunteers working long and hard to make it a reality. They would have made Santa proud of the results that day. We fed over 400 meals and handed out hundreds of gifts to kids and homeless. We will start in September this year planning for 2022 Christmas Meal/Event so we have more notices going out and can offer more to those we serve. Come join us for the planning and making CHRISTMAS be the best for those who have little to nothing. I believe we will feed a 1,000 or more in 2022 on Christmas day with your help.

TEAM WORKZ efforts are VAST, and we work daily to help those seeking help or in need, as we learn about them. As we continue to grow and offer more services, TEAM WORKZ will strive to provide those services. I have only listed a few of the event’s TEAM WORKZ has already done that has shown our commitment to serving and providing assistance where needed. TEAM WORKZ is not just about feeding, clothing and provide hygiene items to those we help. TEAM WORKZ provided hotel rooms for many during inclement weather and in other dire situations .Our budget is supported by donations from supporters. TEAM WORKZ does not yet receive Grants, Cares Act money or Federal / State Funds of any source. It is solely supported by those assisting our Mission.

This past year, 2021 TEAM WORKZ spent approximately $6,000 on hotel costs to safely house many homeless and provide safe, hygienic conditions. This action is not only our way of providing the aforementioned conditions to homeless; it is a mental release for them to have a hot shower, a bed to sleep in and the comfort of being safely behind locked doors. Think how you would feel sleeping in a tent, your vehicle, behind a building on cardboard boxes or on a park bench? Would a night or two in a hotel room be a blessing to you? Imagine it for a moment.

Maybe some of you have read this far and can better understand the past events of TEAM WORKZ and how we grew from a VISION in 2018; to a MISSION that is HELPING so many others and keeping them safe. They will tell you how much they appreciate having our help in their times of need.

Follow for Part 2 and see what is in store for the FUTURE. Our plans for building our Transitional Advancement Center (TAC) are fully underway. Do stay tuned and learn how you can help TEAM WORKZ reach our milestone and be part of the opening of our TAC!

Thank you for sharing in my FIRST BLOG.

I hope you learned from it and will read more.

Cliff W. Brown

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