Update: May 31, 2021

Changing Destinies Ministry is an organization that handles Human Trafficking cases and has a safe house for their victims. They have asked T E A M Workz (TW) to be a partner in their new Safe House, and we may be able to house our female homeless on the property as well. We’re still working out the details, but they have 13 acres with the house they are buying and we have been offered the opportunity to build/place tiny homes on the land to house our female homeless. This would allow them to go through their programs and receive help to get back on their feet. After Tuesday, we’re hoping to know more about TW role and how or what is expected from us.

We hope to utilize our network to help support and build their program. TW has the best network in the Moore county area and we have built a strong group of resources to partner with. We’re also working to assess exactly how many hotel stays we have funded in 2021, and plan to share that to show where the community’s generous donations are going and who we are helping.

We always try to protect the security and integrity of both our organization and the individuals that we strive to help. We work hard to maintain privacy and we are careful what we post that tags personal issues. TW is always running toward the finish line of having a ‘Transitional Advancement Center’ (TAC) down the road sooner rather than later.

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