Teamworkz Volunteering

To develop, provide, and coordinate lasting resources that will restore productive lives to the homeless.

Lifting lives by coordinating resources that will educate and empower, while providing a sustainable and successful pathway to independence for homeless individuals and families.


  • Hand "UP" more than a Hand "Out."
  • Return to Work, Society, Home!
  • Homelessness can happen to anyone, even you. The economy, natural disasters, or accidents can untether anyone.
  • The one SOURCE (our website: https://teamworkz.org) that provides multiple RESOURCES to assist the unsheltered and restore them to productive lives.
  • Inform society of the challenges of homelessness and offer solutions.
  • A single ‘CLEARING HOUSE’ (website) of all available resources that serve the homeless to achieve the maximum viability of these services and promote their successful return to society.
  • The Right services, for the Right people, at the Right time.
  • Volunteers, Law Enforcement, Business Owners, and Church Organizations working together to restore dignity, meaningful employment, and a place to call home for those willing to accept the Hand Up.